Sunday, October 31, 2010

october 31, 2010

Well, our investigators right now are...
Pan Zhao Qi - this guy has the most faith of anybody. He's so great. we taught him the word of wisdom and tithing, and he looks at us and says "Tea!!?? one tenth!!?? and then thinks for a little bit, and then says. "okay. I can do that." and then does it. The only reason he's not baptized yet is because he can't make it to all three hours of church, only sacrament meeting. I think he should be baptized. but the ward and my companion want to wait until he can come to all three hours.
cai yao hui. Real cool guy that just needs to quit smoking and then he'll get baptized
Willi, a little chubby 12 year old kid. he and his dad came to church yesterday.
The shi brothers, ages 17 and 13. They love church, have testimonies, really want to be baptized. Their dad would ma them out if he knew they were meeting with us. that's called family fandui.
and the old Lin guy named Colin. colin is a really cool old guy, with long hair. really refined and smart. Believes in god becuase of how exactly the planets are organized. came to church yesterday and loved it. His son is a musician that studied at maryland university on voice, and is now an assistant professor in gaoxiong city.
one last story.
We met with our recent convert Cheng Guang Yi, he's such a great guy. I noticed recently that his pants were falling down, he didn't have a belt. So I brought one of my belts to give to him at our next lesson. I made a big deal out if giving him the belt and said. "I give you this belt as a present. But on one condition! Every day that you wear this belt, you have to read the scriptures! I hope that you wear this belt every day and it reminds you to read your scriptures!" It was great, and then we gave him the belt, and he looked at it and said. Um, that's not long enough. (he's a chubby guy) I said, are you sure? he put it around his belly and it didn't fit at all. oops. Then my companion said. maybe if you put it under your belly. Still didn't fit. It was an epic failure. I thought it was really funny.Bubye

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