Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 9 pictures

1. Today for preparation day we went to the lake. It's really fun because Elder Mitchell used to run track and cross country, so we can both run. So we ran a couple miles this morning and then studied Book of Mormon in some cool places and took some pictures.
2. Elder Mitchell and I at the Gaoxiong train station when he first came in.
3. Elizabeth sent me a birthday cake! It was such a good birthday. I made a cake, we lit it on fire and sang happy birthday. To treat myself that night we bought dominos pizza, and McDonalds ice cream sundaes! Then the best part, was that just right on my birthday, a pianist from Utah Valley University, I forgot her name, I think her last name was Demske, she came and gave a piano recital in the chapel. a lot of members, and investigators came. And it was really fun. At the end, they asked for an encore, and my companion had secretly told the pianist that it was my birthday, and she played happy birthday, and made me stand in front of everyone when they sang. It was really funny.
4. some pictures at chengqinghu this morning.

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