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December 12, 2011

William Preston Vernon
9:07 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
Huang Yi Li was baptized!!!!!!!!   Wow, he was so prepared. We taught him tithing, that was a real toughy for him, but he agreed to keep it. His biggest worry was still his family. But as we invited him to keep praying about the Book of Mormon, he kept having dreams. He dreamed he was eating with his family, but then when they left, he felt like he had lost something that he needed to look for, so he went back and looked, looked, looked, but couldn't find what he was looking for. Finally he looked over and in his dream he found the chapel, but his family had disappeared. He felt like the dream was telling him that he might have to decide to join the church without his family.
He has such faith! I don't know why but I felt like he needed to be baptized, that he was ready. The original plan was to have a baptismal interview on thursday, and then maybe wait till next week to baptize. But as we were riding to English class I felt the impression that he was ready, and needed to get baptized as soon as possible. The spirit was working really really hard on him and we could feel it. So that night we pulled him out of English class, and prepared him for an interview. We went through all the questions, and said, "Is there anything that you don't understand, or have questions about?" Guess what his question was, he said, "Elder Wen, what are the three great keys revealed to Joseph Smith about how to tell the difference between good and evil messengers? I don't get that part."   haha. I've never had an investigator ask me that before.
I loved the moment when he agreed to be baptized on saturday. He committed, and we helped him hit that goal. I feel like he'll make a very solid new member if we can get the ward members all over him with the new member lessons. he's like a sponge when it comes to learning new things from the scriptures.
What a cool experience! At the beginning I had almost no faith that he would be baptized. But I guess we never know who's prepared or not. He was baptized by this big halfway -active guy that we wanted to strengthen. I hope he was worthy!
This is the first baptism I've had in a long time. I hope there's plenty to come.
Love, Elder Vernon
We had three other investigators preparing to be baptized on christmas eve. We had the little wang brothers confirmed for church, and then they were tired, and refused to go. I was really really disappointed, and now their goal will have to be pushed back. I'll keep working with them, but they're not really progressing.
The other one is Wu Rong Tai. He's a 29 year old guy that lives in the crazy hospital. we met him when we went to visit a less active crazy lady in the crazy hospital on top of the hill. I really don't want to baptize a crazy person. So we don't usually give baptismal invitations to the people there. Because they're all really willing, but probably don't need it and won't help the ward. But this poor Wu guy. He seems completely normal. I'm planning on calling the center and asking what his problem is before we baptize him. I don't want him to get baptized and then realize that he only goes crazy during certain parts of the year or something. Anyways, we had the crazy less active lady accompany our lesson last night when we taught the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. That was interesting. She wouldn't stop talking about how much she liked tea and how she said that in her prayers Heavenly Father probably understood that it was okay for her to drink tea. We might not invite her to peike anymore.
We also found a really cool new investigator with the last name of xu. He was really hard core buddhist for most of his life. He told us that A really intent buddhist looks at the bible as something at a preschool level of scriptures. But then he read the bible and he was wholly converted to Jesus Christ. He said he felt like a snake of darkness that held him bound was pulled off of him and he felt something he never had before. I was so impressed, and it was another testimony of the truthfulness of the bible. The best thing was that he had no specific christian church, He learned from the bible himself, and everything he knew was pure true doctrine. He even told us that reading the bible he had realized that God created man and all animals and plants to be immortal, and that after the fall was the only time that things started to die.
And then we found a family of four who's kids always argued and played video games and that was all. They said they would come to church but then didn't.
I'm really excited for Christmas!
Elder Petters says hi.

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