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jan 9, 2011

William Preston Vernon
11:18 PM (19 hours ago)

to me
Well family, I'm sitting here in zhanghua. I've now been here six months. I don't know how much longer I'll be here. I feel like I might stay a little longer, but it's all really uncertain. I might move. we'll find out this saturday I am really excited to work hard wherever I'll be serving. I've really loved being a zone leader. I think it's possible I might still be a zone leader. I think that would be very exciting. But I would also enjoy being a regular companionship again, with enough time to read through the Book of Mormon in Chinese. Haha.
Today we are going to have a zone activity! All get together and spray paint/tye dye t-shirts, and then all head over to a hot pot.
This Month's focus is finding families.
Elder Petters and I prayed for a way to fire up the zone to find more new investigators, and the way we thought of was to focus on finding families. It seems to have been working well. The best part is that Elder Petters and I have been able to teach families recently! We have about 5 families that we're working with. The Wang, Zheng, Ruan, Lai, and Jin families. Families seem to progress really slowly. Only the Zheng family has come to church yet so far. Also, chinese new year is on it's way, so that makes it hard to find alot of time to meet with people.
It was so amazing to see the miracles that the Lord gave us, as soon as we were willing to pray, and spend time actually trying to find investigators. I think it's easy to get way to caught up in thinking about the places we're going, things we need to do, and leave prepared people behind us. If the Lord knows we'll talk to all the people in our path, he'll place a lot more prepared souls there. I'm so grateful I have a good companion that recognized this too. My companion said "I obviously have bad days, where I don't feel like doing the work, but I can't let that affect how many people I talk to. Because I've already committed to the Lord to put in two years, so no matter how I feel, I'm going to talk to everybody every day. so I have a hard time relating to those missionaries that aren't motivated, or refuse to talk to everyone about the gospel."
I love sharing good finding stories, they build faith.
We went on exchanges with the 3rd ward elders last week. We decided to leave Elder Harper in his area to let him build faith in himself as a senior companion for the day. I went over, and we had a lot of fun being companions again for a day. He's grown so much, and he's such a great missionary. they had been praying all that week for a Lin Family to teach. when one of their appointments fell through we went tracting and the first family we ran into was willing to set up a time to meet, and their name was lin. On the way home, we had a little bit of time left, and as we were going back I saw a house that I felt like we should tract. So we went back and knocked on the door. A whole family was inside including the ama. They were really willing to let us sit down and meet them. They said the father of the family, (grandpa) had passed away, and he was the only christian in the whole family, everybody else was buddhist. But he was christian and he loved music. So I pulled out my violin, and Elder Harper sang with me "families can be together forever." They were willing to meet again too.
But just yesterday we had a really cool experience. We had just evaluated our plans and decided that we had have to travel directly over to visit a certain less active. But halfway there, I was passing this guy on the side of the road, and something about his posture, or the way he was walking just made me really want to talk to him. I don't know why. We pulled over, and the first thing my companion asked was "Is your last name Wu?" He had no idea why that name popped into his head. The guy said, Yeah, that is my last name. And then I recognized from his face that I had seen him before. He was the older brother of one of our active members, Wu dixiong. When we had gone to visit Wu Dixiong before, I had asked both times for referalls, and encouraged him to share the gospel with his family. We had gone and asked his brother if he wanted to meet with us, but he had refused and said he had no interest whatsoever in the message. but he had changed somehow. we asked him how he was, he said he had just broken up with his 3-year girlfriend. He was really prepared to hear that there was a God in Heaven that loved him. And a place to worship him that could bring peace to our souls, and more direction to our lives. He was really willing to set up a time to meet, and said he would go home and start asking his brother more about the church. What a good support system. I'm really excited to meet with him.
I know Heavenly Father answers prayers. Let me know how things are going on at home.
I played a killer game of badminton with these 60 year old guys today. Let me know in there's anybody that needs to get smoked real bad in rackyball when I get home.
Hittle ELder William Vernon

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