Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27, 2012

We rejuvenated the work in Puli last week! We saw many many miracles.
Church was good with an attendance of 47 again. the new stake President Chen Jing Yun also came to Puli last week and shared his testimony with us.
We had 4 investigators at church, Justin came. Howard came and brought little Lucas. If I didn't know Howard I would have thought he was a member! He looks so good in a shirt and tie.
The other two investigators will hopefully be getting baptized soon. One was our good friend Albert Lin, and one was our little friend Wang Jin Shui.
Albert is really awesome. He has come to church 3 times now, and knows he wants to follow Jesus Christ. However he's not quite sure if he has a testimony yet, or wants to be baptized. But he says really good prayers, and has a strong desire to have God's direction in life. On friday I had the most amazing exchange with Elder Farr, and as we met with Albert we promised him a lot of blessings, that if he was baptized now, when he went to the army he would have protection and guidance of the spirit. He set a date for the 10th of march. He still has a lot of stuff to learn before he can hit that goal though. We'd be really grateful for prayers in his behalf.
Wang Jin shui set a goal for the 17th. He is the best little kid. He just loves us missionaries, and we are trying hard to get him some more friends in the ward. His mom is all for him getting baptized. we still haven't figured out if she's a member or not. Hopefully she'll be able to stop working on sundays so that she can come to church with us as well!
Chen baba is still doing well. He's got sabbath day concerns though. If you think about it, the sabbath day is asking more of people than tithing. I think even if his boss allowed him to rest sundays, he might work if he had the chance because he needs the money.
He has such a strong testimony, and I really want him to be able to overcome these last couple concerns before he's on his way to enduring conversion and baptism. When we last met with him, we gave him a pamphlet about how to improve family communication, and I think it helped quite a bit. I bore testimony that the spirit can help us know what to say that will bless our family the very most.
I learned so much from Elder Farr on exchanges. he was such an exemplary zone leader. I felt my testimony strengthened by his example of diligence and love of the Lord. Now Elder Farr moved to pingdong, and one of my other former companions, Elder Petters moved over to Nantou to be my zone leader. What a great opportunity to study more from this wonderful mission leader. I'm really excited for this chance. Elder Stark moved to my old area, Lingya district of Gaoxiong. I miss that place. I told him all about the members and how great the bishop was. I'm really excited for him to go there and help strengthen my recent convert brother zhu.
I will definitely miss Elder Stark. He's going to do great things for the mission. And I'm glad he doesn't live too far from home. We'll be able to hang out in a year and a half.
My new companion is now Elder Michael John Taylor from Bountiful, Utah. He used to be in my zone in Zhanghua. Because of a couple exchanges I've served with him before and I'm excited to serve with him for a whole 6 weeks. he's really enthusiastic, focused and obedient. It's going to be a good last final battle in Puli here.
I will work as hard as I can to hit all of my goals.
Keep things under control back home. There's been a rash of injuries. I'm still being protected pretty well over here.
Love, Elder Vernon

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