Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

William Preston Vernon

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Waaaaaaaaaa! No young packages? No silver coin?
Well, happy mother's day Mom! wo ai ni!
Sorry i haven't recorded anything on your big honk tape recorder yet. I really ain't a big fan of the trade here. Mom has Wally and Charles, unless she sent them to Sarah or something terrible like that already. And then just to rub it in she sends a big honk tape recorder with half the buttons broke and covered with duct tape. haha just kidding. I'll be fine. I'll record stuff sometime, the problem is there is a rule I guess against singing in the dorms now. So I have no presents to send my mommy for mother's day. Waah. I feel bad. Just know I'm trying to be a good boy.
Some really exciting things happened this week!
1. I got a watermelon! The best package I've ever received. I'm so excited to eat it. It made me so happy when i saw a watermelon in there.
2. I went to the temple again today, and i'm honking through all those names. It's so fun to do family names and hand them out to my zone and district.
3. This is the best one- one of the new missionaries, Elder Abraham Wilson is so awesome! Turns out that he was a piano performance major at BYU, don't ask me how we didn't see each other in the HFAC, but we knew a lot of the same people. So I asked him to accompany me, and he was really good! So now every Sunday and P-day we practice playing together! This sunday we'll play in sacrament meeting. And maybe we'll play in something else together before we go. It's so fun, we've played through the Wieniawski concerto, and all of the Jenny Oak's Baker songs I have, and it's just been great. I was going to record me playing violin on my camera today and send it home as a mother's day present, but It's against the rules. so I chose to be obedient. Good thing I did! We have to play in 1M, and we always sneak into this really nice conference room, with a big nice table and black leather chairs where all the MTC presidency meets with apostles and things. Today while we were playing The second counselor of the Presidency, President Clegg came in, and we were scared he would kick us out. But he said we were fine to practice in there, and also told us lots of cool things. He said last july They had a meeting in there with the First Presidency, the quorum of the twelve (except for 1-Elder Packer) the Presiding Bishopric, and the Presidency of the Seventy too! We also asked him questions about church history, and temples, and He told us some really cool things, talked for like twenty minutes!
Anyways, it can't be coincidence that a wonderful pianist just showed up in the mandarin zone. Wow, it's so much fun! Elder Wilson's companion is amazing too, elder Balkman, who has a prosthetic leg! It's awesome!
4. I coerced my district into singing in sacrament meeting last sunday! It was very good, and fun to sing hymns in chinese! Everybody can sing decently well in my district!
Well, I love all of you. This is the true gospel! I hope everybody is being good and being blessed! Everybody recovered from the wedding yet? life goes on! Elder Vernon!

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