Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Thanks Lois! i love hearing her support and love! It's all because of Mom and Lois that I can play violin. I see Elder Brodie quite often, and it's really fun to say hi to him. He'll make one great missionary! Seems like he's doing well, don't worry i encouraged him to use his talents and play an organ solo sometime for a devotional.
Don't worry that you didn't send a whole bunch of packages, I got the best package from Sister Prina, oh it was so wonderful! It had fresh raspberries. That was so nice. If I don't manage to send a thank you note, please thank her. Also the Henley's sent me a nice package a while ago too, and I forgot to thank them and now I've lost the address, tell them thanks too! My two favorite packages ever have been the watermelon, and the shuiguo (fruit) package. it had the biggest honk strawberries I ever saw! And the yummiest blueberries and it was awesome!
I hope Jason's toe feels better. That's weird that Julia has a honey. And good for Marilyn! Kevin was a really nice guy. elder. guy (haha, that's really weird to say guy and have it be okay). Even better than packages is just some dearelders from everybody that say I'm the best missionary ever and give me some spiritual advice and tell me about what's going on. Haha, one day I just really wanted a letter, and no letter. Finally at dinner my district leader elder van noy gave me one and I was all excited, and save it all day, then back at the residence hall open it. It's from Parley, and all it says is PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! one word. I couldn't help laughing really hard. but it wasn't funny. but it was. Especially when my companion read it, and said "" I died. When people that don't know peeboo say peeboo it is soooooo funny. I'm glad Parley is having a fun summer.
Well, anyways, thanks for telling me what's going on. I'm still convinced that the MTC is under some sort of Narnia time and if I went back nothing would have changed. It doesn't seem like i've been here for very long, but I'm about to leave! All my crazy chinese goals of memorizing lots of chinese scriptures for each lesson, and all lessons vocab, grammar, outlines, reading Book of Mormon chapters in characters and memorizing the tall book are becoming just that. Crazy. I only have two weeks left! only two more temple trips! I have come far though. I was sitting there with my companion the other day and I realized that I love him. And that I would actually miss him when we had new companions in a couple weeks. I can't really see my progress, but I think I can speak chinese okay. I still can't understand native people. Our district had this favorite missionary ever, his name is Elder Ding, from china who is going to Sydney. When he talks it doesn't even sound like a language. They just mumble and I don't understand how they are saying either tones or words. Oh well, that's a problem for a couple weeks from now i guess.
Y'all should be really jealous because Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came and spoke this tuesday in devotional! It was really super amazing! He said some of the same stuff he said in his talk the Miracle of a Mission. which is the best talk you'll ever hear. But to hear him in person say how much his mission meant to him, it was a powerful experience. Some of my favorite things he said were
he talked about why preach my gospel was created- to convert the missionary first. President hinckley said there was a problem in the missionary program if a missionary could serve a mission and then come home a fall away. Elder holland said "don't come up to me in three years with a long beard or a tattoo or dredlocks and talk about the good old times on the mission! I'll punch you in the nose! Well, that didn't sound very apostolic, but I'd be very angry!"
He also said some amazing things about how "f you aren't doing the work God's way you aren't his missionary, section 50, you can't have it your way, this isn't burger king!"
Also I played in sacrament meeting with Elder Wilson last sunday and it was a wonderful experience. We switched songs that day, and for some reason played a poor warffaring man of grief. It's a really pretty arrangement from the Jenny Oaks' baker book. I think all the missionaries in our zone were touched and it brought the spirite.
I love you all! remember the members are the full time finders, missionaries are the full time teachers! Follow Elizabeths's good example!
Bye bye elder Vernon

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