Monday, March 14, 2011

13 March pictures

today we went to Buddha mountain! (fo2 guang1 shan1) It was the biggest complex of Buddhist temples and stuff that is in Taiwan. It was really fun to see all the cool buildings and stuff, but I can only look at so many Buddhas before I get tired of it. I like Buddhism better than Taoism though. The Buddhist gods look peaceful, and the Taoist gods look kind of grotesque. But it was fun.
A good picture of my district, (Sister Koay from Malaysia that plays piano really well, sister Bray from Sandy who is good friends with the Mckinley's from Alpine, Elder Mitchell, Elijah the dog, my violin, Me, Elder Jensen-on the same transfer as I am, and Elder Chen who isn't a full time missionary, but volunteered as a short-time for one transfer.)

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