Monday, March 7, 2011

7 March, 2011

This week we should be seeing some baptisms! Our 9 year old investigator Zeng Wei Zhe is super solid. he is good in the ward too! I feel confident this kid's faith will help him stay in the church, and even bring his whole family into it as well. His mom seems to have more and more interest as we talk to her. She kind of reminds me of Hallie.
Parkson, our twenty year old investigator is also really solid. The only problem is his family doesn't know that he's joining the church. oops. That's all right. We'll baptize him anyway, and hope he can overcome that problem later. I'll send you some baptismal pictures next week.
A week or so ago, I was praying, and I realized that I wasn't focused at all on my mission. So, this week I just worked really hard on focusing all my thoughts and words on my purpose, and baptizing people. I'm also really sad right now, because the Shi brothers, who we went to all this work, and fasted and prayed, and had a miracle baptism... they haven't come to church in a long time. And won't answer any phone calls or even meet with us. It's absolutely the worst feeling when recent converts disappear. I guess it would probably be even worse when you're a parent and your child disappears.
So, I've been in my area for a long time. I think I'll move next transfer. I've only been in two areas for the first half of my mission. The MTC, Fengyuan, and Yuanshan. In ten more days, I'll have been on my mission for a year. That's really weird. I really love Taiwan now. I love the people. Especially the really old ones and really young ones. I don't like the middle-aged men. Because I contact them all day every day, and hear the same lame excuses about not having any time or being buddhist over and over again. But, I'll keep contacting them, because I want to baptize a family.
One time, I was going to the bathroom at the SEVEN, (nobody ever says the 11 here, so 7-11 is just called the SEVEN. In English too. It's just become a word in their vocabulary, even the old people.) and when I got out there was a pudgy bald guy standing there. So I went up and starting joking with him. Then his wife came out of the seven, and I kept talking to them for a while. Then I told them that they should go to church and we would come visit them. The dad was a little hesitant, because he's buddhist, but that's okay, we went to visit them anyways. The spirit arranged things just right so a really awesome member, our elder's quorum president (Wu2 ming2 zheng4) was able to come with us and teach. The family is the Wang2 family, and turns out they are awesome. They have two sons, 18 and 16. The two sons both love playing violin, and the family is really rich, but also really nice, so they have like 6 expensive violins at their house. I had happened to bring my violin, so we sang hymns and played violin together. Then when we taught the first lesson, the mom was golden! The dad seemed pretty uninterested, but the mom understood it thoroughly and asked really good questions. Then when we taught the second lesson, the Mom was even better. She understood it all, asked good questions, and then later taught it to her children. We powerfully invited them to be baptized in a month at the end of the lesson. The dad said no, the mom said too fast, the kid asked what the Holy Ghost would feel like when he prayed about the Book of Mormon. So, pray for the Wang family. I want them to get baptized.
Also pray for Joyce Anderson. She's an investigator of the sisters that we found and referred to her, and she could get baptized except for her parents oppose.
I love you all! I hope that things are good at home.

Well, that's about it.
Elder Vernon

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