Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elder Vernon letter March 29

Well, I've had some good experiences this week. Here's the funniest one.
Rachel sent me a nice letter that told me that a baby goat died. Sooo sad! And then said some other nice things. The funny part is this. In the letter was a small random picture of an eleven year old girl with blonde hair. I've never seen here before. So I pinned it up on the wall and told my district it was my girlfriend. It's super funny because the girl is a little bit chunky. I hope I'm not offending anybody, cuz I have no idea who she is, and it might be one of Prenten's relatives or something. But anyways it is soooo funny because everybody comes into our room and says, "Elder Vernon! is that your girlfriend!" and I just laugh.
This next experience is real good. I was coming over to eat breakfast with my District, and i saw that there was an older guy who I assumed was a branch president sitting closeby. I thought I would talk to him, so I sat next to him and started a conversation. He said he had been a mission president in Spain, and his name was President Craig. he was a really nice guy, and very humble. So I asked him what Branch he was president of, and he said he was actually a district president over about ten districts, and that mine was one of them. Ohhh. Turns out the very next day, he speaks at a big MTC Mission conference. And everything he said I felt related directly to me. His talk was based off of one of my favorite scriptures, Moroni 10:32, and he talked about becoming perfect in christ, and that we could only become perfect through Christ if we put forth our very best effort. It was a changing experience for me where I decided I would try harder to be obedient to little rules. His talk was so amazing. It was like an extension of my farewell talk, and he said things so much better than did, talking about becoming perfect. I was scribbling stuff in my study journal as fast as I could, and then look over at some missionaries just falling asleep and thought, "HOW CAN YOU FALL ASLEEP IN THIS!?" I realized that through the Lord's tender mercies I had been prepared for that experience, and that you receive different amounts of inspiration according to how much you are prepared to hear it. I'm not perfect yet though. Not by any means. My companion still reminds me about little rules I break lots of times a day. however, we are totally at ease with each other now, we had our first companionship inventory and it was real good. We have a good time together!
Well, I'ma go get a haircut! Love ya! I'll write more in letters because I will have more time! BUBYE
Elder Vernon


  1. lol, It's funny, reading Williams letters, I realize that the MTC is specifically catered to 19 year old Utah boys that have never been away from home. No wonder I didn't fit in at all there... lol!