Monday, March 22, 2010

Write Willi A Letter!!!!

Hey, this is Parley. Just so everyone knows, it is free to write William letters via . Just click on the write a letter link and select the Provo MTC. It gets there the same day if you write it before noon and gives him an actual paper copy not just an email. Once he leaves to Taiwan it won't be free though.


  1. Thanks, Parley - That is good to know.....a nice service.

    Dad Wad

  2. This is great Parley, because if we all email William then he won't have time to write anything. I think his email time is very short. So Dear Elder is the best answer to that. You can type on the computer, and he gets the hard copy and doesn't have to use up his email time. Thanks for supporting William.

  3. Also, I think they can read letters every day, but can only read e-mail once a week.