Monday, March 22, 2010


So, mamamama, I'm on a mission. Don't you just miss me a big whole bunch? I'm not really homesick yet. Things have been just a bit too crazy for that. Our schedule has been not very consistent and I haven't really settled down yet. But it will get better, once I get used to it, the MTC won't really be so much hard, as it is just monotonous. I have such a fun district. My district leader is so awesome, his name is elder Tito, and he's a huge Samoan from Australia, going to Auckland New Zealand. Elder Corbett Mcallister is my friend from Mr. Crook's chinese class, and he's in my district. My companiiero is named Tyler Judson Oram, from Kaysville. He reminds me a lot of Les Pardew. Brother Pardew at age nineteen. He has a really strong testimony, and although he doesn't know much chinese yet, he learns quick and can hear tones okay because he likes to sing. We went to the temple this morning and it was really fun, It seems like five weeks ago that I was in the temple last monday with the chinese zone that I now already know so well. It was such good mission prep to go volunteer at the TA because now I know all the districts that were ahead of me, and I can speak chinese to them. Chinese is no problem. Except for that nobody else speaks it. They tell you fifty times a day to SYL, and i don't really want to just talk to myself, so I feel like I'm not progressing in my language as fast as I could, but oh well. It was really tough because there were two elders who were bumped up to go to Taiwan six weeks early, and although they had both lived in China at one point, I felt like my Chinese was just as good as theirs, and if I had some tough goals to look forward to, like teaching the first lesson in chinese, then I would work harder and go a lot faster than if I'm looking forward to say "ni hao" in a park to someone. But, I shouldn't compare myself to others, just deal with what I've got. I asked my teacher again and he said I was here for twelve weeks, and I just got more embarrassed than I was before, and things got pretty rough there for a while, because I think Satan took that thing that looks like a problem, and blew it up in my face so I got kind of upset. But who knows all the reasons that things like that happen? Not me, only the Lord, so we'll see how it turns out. I guess that's why we need that faith stuff. Sunday was fun, because I had more study time. I felt like before then, I hadn't even had time to read my scriptures or study chinese because ALL we were doing all day was listening to old guys talk to us about being exactly obedient and how much they loved the MTC. yeah, it wasn't that much fun. I like the food. A little bit too much. I eat a whole lot, and then during exercise time, I'm too lazy to go run, I just play basketball with some other elders. There's this other elder in my district that's a real baller, going to Leeds England, his name is Elder Herlin and he's super funny. He figured out how to say buckets in chinese, shui tong and that's all he would say.
I love you all...
I hope you got that was from legacy. We got to watch the Joseph Smith movie last night, and I felt the spirit really strong and cried and then felt spirit friends tell me i'm okay, so truly I'm just okay. and then in the temple I sat in the celestial room for a long time, it bothered my companion but I didn't care, so i'm just fine. write me letters it really feels good to get letters! this is my new email and I only have twenty seconds left on my time limit! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 10!


  1. It was good to hear from William, but it is so important to keep positive when we write to him. You can see he is in for twelve weeks and attitude will make all the difference here. Everyone be very positive about the MTC.

  2. Parles - This is a way nice blog. We can look at letters and comments. Thanks,

    Dad Wad