Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

I just did some temple work for my dead ancestors. It was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong!!! If you have any more male names, go ahead and send them to me. I watched Mountain of the Lord last night, I had forgotten how good that movie was! It made me appreciate temples so much more, and I remember how one of my favorite experiences ever was going to do an endowment session in the Salt Lake city Temple. It also made me really homesick when I heard all the funnies from that movie, hahaha. "AH think..." and "Nay, tha's old man's work." But, truth be told, I've actually never been homesick at all. Somehow I just don't even really think about home. I realized today that i was actually going to Taiwan for two years. Weird how some things we know for a long time, but don't actually know them until we experience them. I think it's that way with almost everything. I realize how much I don't know as I practice to teach investigators. This week is going to be our first that we teach in only chinese. I'm excited. I realized that I probably know more chinese than I realize because it's getting easier to say things almost all the time. I enjoy the language a lot. When you learn the literal meanings of all the words they are either really funny, or really cool. For example Atonement is shuzui(2 4), and there are no two syllable words in chinese, just two words stuck together in a compound word. Shu - redeem and zui - sin. so you can say, Jesus christ for us shuzui, or Jesus Christ shu 'd our zui, or a bunch of other stuff. missionary is chuanjiaoshi (2 4 4) or spread church person, and prophet is xianzhi (1 1) or first know .
Anyways, I'm having a grand ole time here at the MTC. I had a thought the other day, of how families are blessed while they have a missionary out in the field. Ever wondered why that is? Because missionaries always pray for their families! And they are righteous, and the prayer of a righteous man availeth much! So we're both just praying for each other, it reminds me of the amazing story President uchtdorf told of the Brothers who each tried to give each other a portion of their wheat or grain in the middle of the night. They finally caught each other and started to cry because they had so much love for each other. I love serving people. It's a little harder here in the MTC, because there's only like 5 real chinese people. But, at least I have a companion to serve, and a district.
So all the older missionaries are leaving today or tomorrow. Whew, finally get rid of them, and start our own precedents for hard work and speaking chinese. My district is full of amazing people. we are really tight and really special. Elder Tito and Geddes were called as the new zone leaders, I'm glad it wasn't me. they'll do great. Also I enjoy the big free piles all the elders leave because they have too much junk! I now have a bunch of Tagolog books, and also even a German preach my gospel! What i'm going to use them for, i don't know. It just makes me happy that I can open up the german preach my gospel and basically pick out what the words mean. I love learning languages. Why don't i just learn eight languages like my hero William Tyndale that D. Todd Christofferson talked about in conference. Amazing!
Well, this'll make y'all happy. I played violin in the fireside last night! It was a lot of fun. I was planning on playing the song I had played at my farewell, but that was a little bit too long, and I didn't know which part to cut out! I was kind of frustrated, and I prayed a lot, and I got the thought to just play Nearer My God to Thee, but I thought, they already have the other one in the program. so I ignored that prompting and played the longer one and messed up really bad in front of the whole MTC!!! aaaaaah, Kai wan xiao(1 2 4) (just kidding)!!!!!!! Just kiddding, I followed the prompting and played a simple beautiful Nearer my God to Thee, and the spirit was really strong. I was glad I got to play before all of the older district and my friends left. I felt the spirit and it was really good for me. I still haven't decided if I'ma take scoggins to Taiwan though.
But I did make one big decision! I decided what my name would be for the next two years! My teachers and everybody have been calling me Wei Zhanglao, but I changed my name to Wen. Wen Zhanglao, Zhongwen de Wen. so, My whole name would be Wen Weilian. I like W's. By the way, Wen is my last name. It's so much fun. My companionship is really strong, he turned out to be a very spiritual, great teacher and companion. We have some funny times together. Today we have to move up a floor though so that isn't much fun.
Bubye! Love you all a big bunch,
Elder Wen.
p.s. I feel better because mom sent me a bunch of fruit and I ate it. But even better, I don't eat any meat, and no greasy entrees at all. All I eat is grape nuts, salads, and rice mostly. And some fruit and vegetables. It's even possible to be healthy here, and I feel the spirit so much more it's amazing. All yua'll eat healthy foods mmkay!!!!! bubye
wo ai nimen!

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