Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

William Preston Vernon

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Well, life at the MTC rolls on. i think I'll try to compose a short poem describing how the MTC feels
Halfway through..... already,
It's P-day again....already.
TA again....already.
pizza again.....already.
new missionaries coming in....already.
Old missionaries left...already.
Is these alreadies dripping with sarcasm?
The honest answer is I don't know....already,
for already my mind has lost grasp on all time and all bearings of the outside world.
Julia is getting married! Already!
Elizabeth's going to be at home! Already!
I'm learning the second lesson in Chinese, Already!
As a man in a cave knows not the hours of the day,
So is the Willi in the MTC, knowing not the day nor the hour...or the month, already,
For my watch from wal-mart is broken... already.
Don't worry I have two.
Really though. Time is crazy here. I can't even describe it. The days are very long. It seems like I've been here for a year. But then when I try to describe something that happened before I left, I accidentally go backwards from the time I entered the MTC because it's so surprising that 6 weeks have already flown by. yeah. anyways. You probably want me to say something serious like I had some real good devotional and now I changed my whole mindset and focused on helping others and Love the Gospel and start crying while I write my e-mail home because I love bearing my testimony to my family. Well, It's all kind of true. So don't worry. I did send letters to some of my siblings. i just don't hear back 'cept from Elizabeth and Julia!
Julia's getting married! Aghghghgroghgoghaieieieieie! That's so weird! I still thought it was six weeks away. Is Elizabeth home yet? Is Julia all stressed? Getting pounded hittle bits? How's Parley? How's Mommy and Daddy? Did Daddy go on the train to colorado? Last night in the fireside the wife of the main speaker spoke, and gave us an analogy about how we should all become like french ribbons. She runs a floral design company I think, and so she said french ribbons are those ones that have two little wires in both sides so that it can be bent and stay in that shape. So we should all be like french ribbons, so that we can be shaped by the lord and then stay that way! I thought y'alls would appreciate that at this time.
Sorry I didn't put forth a lot of effort into this e-mail. I hope you enjoy it anyways. Today i'm a hittle bit grumpy. I'm okay though! I have a testimony! I have good teachers and good companion and a good language! At least this is the true church, because If it wasn't this would be no fun! I realized that the MTC is so perfect because it teaches you to feel the spirit. If you don't feel the spirit here it would be really miserable. If you do, it is the greatest experience ever. Right now I feel like I'm hiking Lone Peak. That first part of the big dirt road switchbacks isn't very pretty, or very fun. In fact it's almost the steepest hardest part of the hike. And sometimes you get a little annoyed and think "Why don't they just let us drive up here?" But eventually you get past those first switchbacks to the first hemmangog and everything is prettier, and you realize that the first switchbacks tested you to see if you were actually going to make the hike. If you were determined to do it.
I love you all! Thanks for the support and prayers! you're probably the greatest family that's ever been!
Elder Vernon

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