Monday, February 21, 2011

21 Feb 2011

Today I ate more meat than I thought I ever could at a big yummy buffet. And then ate some more.
Well, things are good. Being a district leader isn't much different. I just call the missionaries in my district, and tell them to baptize people. But I haven't been baptizing people lately, so I feel a little weird doing it sometimes. My Zone leader right now is Elder Adams, my trainer. It's way funny seeing him after being on our missions this long time. I've changed a lot. Yesterday was stake conference. It was boring. But, that's just stake conference. Sometimes our church meetings really are boring. I didn't notice it so much when i was just going for myself. But when you are bringing investigators, and it's their first time coming to church, sometimes I just worry a little bit. This time, I didn't have any time to think about what the people were saying, because I was chasing, sitting by and trying to entertain our 9 year old investigator. he's the cutest little kid ever.
We had 5 investigators come to stake conference.
Jacky Gao, Zhao haircut guy, Indiana Jones, Parkson, and a random brother Liu.
Jacky Gao did his second interview, and needs to work with the bishop closely and keep progressing for a month or two before he can be baptized. Every time he has dilusions about children or earthquakes, he is supposed to not talk about it to other people, only the bishop. Poor Bishop.
Zhao Haircut guy we are really really excited about. He is a three year investigator, with a three page teaching record, that had never been to church before. We pressured him to come to church for a long time, and he never came, because he works on sunday. Then we realized that we should try and focus on his whole family, not just him. As soon as we started teaching him with his wife and kid as well, he became a lot more excited about it. When a whole family is learning the gospel together they go so much faster! Anyways, he's willing to leave his haircut shop to come to church, and we set a week C goal with him. He's a really great guy, and we feel a lot of love for him. I think he's going to make a really solid member of the church. We are going to the Bishop's house tonight for family home evernin with them.
I was surprised, when in stake conference, they announced the names of people who were receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood, and they said Pan Zhao Qi, my new member from only a couple months ago. How wonderful that is! He's so solid in the ward, and getting the Melchizedek Priesthood I guess. Wow!
Anyways, the nine year old investigator, we call him Indiana Jones. I seem to remember a little asian kid helping out Indiana Jones in one of the movies. Anyways, the name just stuck. His real name is Zeng Wei Zhe. We found him on the street one time riding a bicycle way too big for him, and he asked us if we were friends of Jesus. This kid has the biggest desire of any of our investigators. We went to his house and met his mom. Apparently the kid's Dad was a former investigator, but now he's in jail. We didn't think it was the same church, until they brought out half of a book of mormon. (the dad ripped out the other half to roll cigarettes). Hopefully we'll be able to bring the whole family the gospel. The Dad gets out of jail in about a month. Hopefully he'll be able to attend his kid's baptism.
Things are going good. I memorize hymns every now and then. I love being on a mission because we get to do missionary work full-time. Includes finding investigators.
One time we decided to go tracting. I felt like we should stop and tract at a certain place, so we did. We wanted to tract for a while, but we didn't get to, because the first door we tracted, the guy said, "Come in and sit down, I'll grab my Book of Mormon!" That was surprising.
I realized that being a member missionary and working with family and friends must be super annoying. Working with the same person for a looooong time, and the worst part is, if they aren't progressing, you can't drop them! oh no. I'd better savor being able to find and drop a bunch of investigators while I'm here on my mission.

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