Sunday, February 6, 2011

6 Feb 2011

Things are pretty good here!
The month of January went by like a speeding Tai ke on a scooter. (Tai Ke is just what the punks in Taiwan are called. The ones that drive around too fast on their scooters in groups, without a helmet, with neon blue and green lights, and an ugly girlfriend on the back, and think they are really really cool)
anyways, it went quick.
Last week was chinese new year! Members fed us dinner and lunch at their houses almost every day this week, it was really really fun. We got so full that I didn't even care that we didn't have any investigators any more. Okay, I lied, I did care. But it was pretty good food. Even the pig feet, and fish eggs. So one tender mercy of the Lord, the violin case I took on my mission was super bulky and annoying to take around because it was heavy and hurt my shoulder after a while. So I was thinking of going to buy a new violin case. Then I was cleaning out my apartment, and in a little cupboard under the stairs I found a violin case! I guess a previous missionary just randomly left it there for a wise purpose he knew not what. I thought that was at least as cool as Nephi writing the small plates and Mormon throwing them in with his abridgement. This case was super light, and had two straps so i could just wear it like a backpack.
So, I took my violin around every day last week, just carried it on my back.
We're supposed to be polite and bring a small gift when families feed us dinner, and write a thank you card. I don't feel like spending money so i just said, Play violin jiu hao le. that counts as a nice gift ba. So me and sister Koay (from malaysia) practiced through "love is spoken here" and played it at all the members' houses, and they loved it.
Also, they would usually give us a box of goodies, or something to take home. so we would just give that to the next family we met with, and they would think we were polite and bought them a gift.
As far as investigators, Gao dixiong has his second interview set up for tomorrow, to determine if he's okay enough to be baptized or not. We'll pray for him.
Yesterday we also found a former investigator who'd read through half of the book of Mormon, and also been to church a couple times. So we set a baptismal goal with him. He said he was fine with it, he'd been baptized in a bunch of different churches before so one more didn't really make a difference. I didn't like that. We'll see how he progresses.
I can't think of much else to write about. Sorry my e-mails aren't that detailed or special. Neither is my journal.
one really important thing. In zone conference president Bishop invited the whole mission to read through the Book of Mormon again, gave us a clean copy and a specific way to mark it, and said we had to finish in three months. about 6 pages a day. the way to mark is focused on Jesus Christ. We have one colored pencil to highlight every time it mentions Jesus Christ. A lot.
One to mark his attributes. One to mark his words, and one to mark his doctrine (specifically focused on Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, Endure to the End)
It's amazing! I've felt the power of the Book of Mormon come back into my life, and change me for the better. I love it so much. I know the book is true!
I invite you all to take the challenge with me and see if the Book of Mormon will bring you closer to Christ. Three months. Starting Now!
Edler Vernon

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