Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

Being a missionary is a great thing. I really love it.
I feel bad that we didn't have any baptisms for the last month or so. waaaah. I guess I need to go out be even more proactive in finding people and challenging them to get baptized and endure to the end.
Last night the sisters had another baptism, a wonderful couple from mainland china, that had to stay in a hospital in taiwan for a while because the husband is in a wheelchair, and happened to be in the same sickroom as one of our members, who shared the gospel with them. That's the way to do it. Members willing to share the gospel. They're baptism was great. Except for the part where the zone leaders forgot to turn off the water, and as we proceed to the font we see streams of water flooding from the bathrooms and out into the chapel. Hahahaha. we all cleaned it up and they got baptized!
I really love sharing the gospel with people from mainland china. we found a couple the other day that was only in taiwan for a couple days. and the wife was really interested. So we taught them a first lesson on the spot and gave them a book of mormon.
I can't believe how fast this transfer has gone. I've loved my time with Elder Farr. He's a really great, motivated and dedicated missionary. He'll probably be an apostle someday. I always tease him about that. I'm going to have to jiayou (add oil) to hit my goals, because their all really high. But I at least hit some of my personal excercise goals, including running a mile in 5:15. Now I've got to cut the hardest 15 seconds in order to hit my mission goal of a 5 minute mile.
Our best investigator right now is the miracle self contact kid I told you about named Kevin. He adjusted his study schedule and made it to church on sunday! that's a big deal.
But his parents won't let him be baptized and he goes back to canada in a couple weeks. :(
I've been able to feel the spirit help me a lot lately, and I'm grateful for your prayers!!!
I love you all.
Elder Vernon

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