Monday, May 23, 2011

may 23, 2011

Missionary work is doing okay.
Yesterday was a little disappointing because only two investigators came to church, and brother Huang, who was supposed to have a baptismal interview, and get baptized the next week, drank the night before, and then went home early from church because his head hurt.
But, we were able to eat dinner at the bishop's house yesterday and it was soooo yummy. And that made me happy. I really really like the bishop of this ward. Bisop Zhou is just great. He's really on top of things, and willing to help out. I didn't really get to know the bishop in my first area much, but the second and third area, I've really enjoyed getting to know the bishops, they're excellent.
Anyways, the Lord has blessed us with some new investigators. The one's we're most excited about are three families that we've begun teaching. I think I've told you about this Xie family. The others I don't know. I'd really appreciate your prayers in they're behalf.
The Xie family is a miracle. they are so golden. The wife prayed for an answer in their life, she wanted to find a christian church, but didn't know which one, and the next day we contacted them. We shared the word of wisdom with brother Xie the other day, and he was pretty worried about coffee, because he likes drinking coffee every day. But, I was really glad to find out he didn't really drink or smoke.
The Zhu family is good too. Blessings also come from visiting the Bishop. We were on our way to visit him, and contacted the guy nearby, and turns out he has 4 kids all over the age of 8, and he really wants them to learn the gospel. We were able to go over and have the bishop peike yesterday.
And the Chen family is good too. They've come to English class twice now, and the wife told us she wants us to meet with their family, because her husband loves drinking. She said her life was really unhappy because her husband drinks all the time. The husband has a Christian background, and we told him that he needed to get baptized again, and he said that would probably be okay. But, we haven't shared a word o wisdom with him yet.
I really really want to help these families, and I hope that I'll be able to stay in the area long enough to see them all baptized. I think they'll all be baptized in the month of June.
I love doing missionary work. I especially love training. training is really special. Elder Harper is soooo funny. I just look at him and laugh. Because he's just like a huge baby.  I love being with him and seeing how many compliments I can give him. I know a good compliment from your trainer can go a long ways.
Take care,
Elder Vernon 

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