Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

I've been thinking lately about what my motivation is to do missionary work every day. Sometimes it's because I want to look diligent in front of others, sometimes its because I feel a responsibility. But the goal, the best, most powerful, spiritual, christlike motivation is charity. Love for the people that is strong enough to motivate us to get on our bikes in the heat and sweat all day on the roads trying to persuade them to be healed spiritually.

Things are good.
We were really happy to see the Xie family come to church, they only came for a little bit of sacrament meeting and then had to leave though. But they came. Seeing them at church was one of the happiest things ever. I am really excited for when they can be baptized and confirmed members of the church. And then later when they can go to the temple.
But, the Zhu family is doing even better. This is the family of a single dad with four kids. He came with two of his kids to all three hours yesterday. He said he felt really peaceful at church, and was excited to keep coming and get baptized. At night we went to visit, and we called the bishop to try and pei ke, but the bishop just wouldn't answer. we were disappointed that we couldn't find a pei ke. But, when we rode up, the bishop and his wife were waiting outside his house, and had just felt like they should come visit. Thank goodness for the Shengling! Isn't that cool? We were able to read some scriptures with him, and he really had a lot of faith, said he was going to try his best to stop smoking so he would be able to get baptized.
Our other family the Chen family-is not progressing. they just come to English class every wednesday. That's okay. Because I added another couple with the cutest little kid. I think asian kids are really cute. They came and met and confirmed for church next week. The lord is blessing us. I really need to focus and just get these people baptized.
I didn't realize it, but because I've switched my focus from my trainee to investigators, Elder Harper might have been feeling a little neglected.  But he sings hymns, and he prays a lot, and he has some really powerful spirit friends come and do missionary work with him. It's so obvious when he gets their help. Some people just don't realize spirit friends are around. oh well.
have a good week!
Elder Vernon

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