Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Well, today was transfer day.  I'm staying with Elder Harper for six more weeks. Which is exactly what I wanted. Not just because I love training elder Harper, but because we haven't had any closure on our missionary work for these last six weeks. No baptisms yet. I really want to try harder, get six more weeks to try hard and baptize all these people. It's been so long, things just keep falling through.
The Xie family isn't doing so great. They seemed so golden. They think coffee and tea will be to hard to give up. Stupid. Tea and Coffee aren't even that good anyways! and mainly they are just too busy. They won't come to church, won't truly read or pray sincerely. So basically all that was happening is we were using a lot of our time to try and push them along. I got really angry about it, because it truly was a lot of time that we used. I don't regret it, but I'm just frustrated that they didn't progress and get baptized. GRRRRR!
The Zhu family is a lot better though. The Father has a lot of faith. the little kid has even more. The dad said he'd stop smoking, drinking, tea, coffee, and binlang. He needed to hear tithing, and we were going to share it with him, but then we didn't get to it. The next day we went to a family home evening of the first counselor, and the topic was tithing, and it was absolutely wonderful!!!
Then we threw them in a baptismal interview. The kid passed, and then when we looked at the record and he doesn't turn eight until august 17th!!!! Noooooo,. Chinese people say you're a year older than you actually are. (They count 1 from when you are born).
Anyways, the Dad didn't pass because he has a girlfriend. He's divorced, but he needs to keep the law of chastity. They're good though. Hopefully the Dad will be able to have the priesthood and baptize the little kid by august.
Things are going well. I'll let you know if I need anything. I think I'm okay.
I'm surprised how well everything we bought worked. I'm glad we didn't go straight to men's wearhouse and buy a bunch of suits. My trainees two really expensive suits he bought there are falling apart and I can buy nice suits for 60 dollars here. Even worse, he spent 100 dollars on the shoes, and his shoes completely fell apart. Both pairs. I don't know why. All the shoes I got at D.I. are so comfy and quality. I remember driving past D.I. and grandpa told me to go in and buy shoes, and I did for 5 dollars.
Their soles are taking a beating right now though because my shoes are also acting as my brakes for the couple days. My brakes went completely out and I didn't want to use proselyting time to fix them. So I've gotten pretty good at stopping with my feet. Wheet!

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