Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 6, 2011

Our family is great. I'm really glad our family still all contacts each other. Taiwanese people are always surprised how big of a family we have and ask how we ever keep in touch.
Did you know that Taiwan now has the lowest birthrate in the world? I just learned that recently. Sad. I need to go teach people the gospel so they can have kids and go to the celestial kingdom.
I hate money. So many people in Taiwan are completely one hundred percent focused on work, and money. Nothing else even matters at all. Eat Sleep, make money, buy stuff, make more money. sleep. that is not the purpose of life.  The poor girl I marry might just have to put up with the fact that I don't especially care whether or not I'm really rich when I grow up. As long as we can get by. Maybe we'll just take all our kids around on one scooter like they do in taiwan. It's really funny, to see whole little families of 5 on one scooter, sometimes all without helmets. Driving on the wrong side of the road, through red lights, weaving through traffic.
 Two nights ago we were going to attend a baptism for the Elders in Qianzhen, and we got stuck in a Taoist parade instead. The ones with all the reallllly loud firecrackers, flashing lights, people dressed up in grotesque costumes of 10 foot tall Gods, and carrying false idols on little platforms for people to worship. That was exciting. I bet it looked a little out of place for us two missionaries going through the middle of the parade honking our little bike horns trying to get through. Haha.
I came to the conclusion that Daddy would hate being in Taiwan. loud fireworks at random times during the day. Really Hot and sweaty. No root beer.
Oh yeah, it just got real real hot again.
Today is Dragon Boat Festival. Yay. We eat little triangle sticky rice things wrapped in leaves with meat inside called a zhong4zi.
This is my second dragon boat festival in Taiwan. Yup that's right. I have now been in Taiwan for 1 year. I love it more than ever and feel really at home.
Our investigators all didn't come to church and progress. Keep praying for them! Thanks.
Love, Elder Vernon

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  1. Great observation, especially the work attitude part. Like you, I also wish people in Taiwan spend more time to learn about "spiritual life".

    The fact about the low birth rate also makes me sad. I really admire the Mormon families I met in Provo. I would like to learn about the Mormon family size in Taiwan.

    By the way, there is a drink that tastes like root beer. It's called "Hey Song Sarsi". You can try that next time.

    Howard Kuan