Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4, 2011

The Zhu father was baptized Saturday, confirmed Sunday. He's really solid. He has a testimony, he knows God is real, and he knows prayers are answered, and he was able to change smoking, drinking, tea, coffee, binlang, chastity, and worshiping idols habits! He has a lot of faith. His little kid is going to be baptized next month when he turns eight. We love that kid. And his daughters are meeting with the sister missionaries. The bishop was really involved in their conversion as well, and helped a lot, because they are next door neighbors. So he's going to be taken care of as well!
It made me sooo happy to have a baptism. It's been a long long time. I fasted last Sunday and prayed to be able to hit our baptismal goal this month of five. It will be really hard but I know we can do it. We took some good pictures today, so I will send a couple. Things are good.
Yesterday at church was really really good. I loved it. 1 confirmation, 10 investigators, and 50% recent convert attendance. (that's pretty good for these parts). But, I'm glad to say most of the people I've baptized on my mission as a senior companion, all still have testimonies and are pretty active. A couple of my first couple transfers disappeared, and that's sad. I write them letters. They believed in Jesus Christ, but turns out they still believed in a couple other Gods as well. Zao Gao. :)
I love Taiwan. I love America too. Today we sang the national anthem.
I remember last fourth of July was a Sunday. I had completely forgot that it was the fourth of July until nighttime writing in my journal. My trainer didn't care, so I went and sang all the patriotic songs I could remember, and then went to bed.
Have a good week.  Elder Vernon

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