Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 27 pictures

1. This is the old man that I contact about once a week, because he's always on the same corner. He still didn't have any interest today, but I snapped a picture with im.
2. the less active guy. His wife ran away, he has two kids, his work failed, he has depression, and long hair.
3.The coke less active guy. Baptized as a young college student, then went in the army, and hasn't been to church for over 10-20 years. Today we said a quick prayer with him.
4. me doing missionary work. Every now and then when their interested we'll just sit there with cars honking at us, or sometimes you can pull cars over to the side. I have a goal to pull over a big truck or a bus sometime, and add them as an investigator. But it's a little tricky.
(one time I went up and knocked at the door of a sleek black car, and no answer. so I knocked on the window real loud, still no answer. By this time the light was about to change, so I stuck my face against the window and looked inside. There was a guy with his hand on the gear shifter thingy, but his head was slumped against the steering wheel, either asleep, or dead. I figured he would wake up when the cars started honking so I skitted away. The light changed, the cars started honking, but his car never moved. I just left, because I didn't want to get involved in something that. But it was kind of funny.)
5. My trainee Elder Harper and his normal expression. I'm real glad Elder Harper is my trainee. He has such a strong testimony and we're going to baptize.
6. This is Xie Dixiong, apparently he's got a bad eye now. That's too bad. I just want him to get baptized, that's all.

7. There is no number Seven!

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