Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

Hellow Yellow bottoms!
Is Yellow Bottoms still alive at Fraziers?
I actually totally forgot about Halloween. Oh well. Halloween was never my favorite anyways.
The zone is doing well. Our weekly report showed we all had an average of 3 investigators at church, which was an improvement. Sister Bray and Watterson had a baptism last week, and it was a really really fun experience. Her name is Jojo, and I was able to do her baptismal interview, and then play violin at her baptism, and then baptize her. But I felt like everybody should be involved, so our district all sang love at home while I played violin. Last minute performances are so fun on a mission. Right after the baptismal I had an interesting experience. I looked into the mirror and realized I wasn't a boy anymore. I guess I grew up a little bit on my mission. I don't think it was necessarily physical growth, but probably spiritual, social, and intellectual growth. I think the biggest thing I've learned on my mission is the attribute of Humility. I haven't even scratched the surface of knowing how to actually be humble. I'm still really selfish, and not a super polite person. I seem to always think of myself in any situation, and find it really hard to put others feelings thoughts or opinions on the same plane of importance as mine. But at least coming on my mission has helped me realize where I need to improve. At first I thought humility meant feeling like I wasn't that great, or not taking pride in things I've done. But I've learned that humility is actually confidence. Think of the most humble person you've ever met. I think of my bishops, and stake presidents. And maybe uncle David or some other people from Idaho. Or best think of Jesus Christ. These people are never ever insecure or self deprecating, but they never take the glory for anything. They are confident, because they know that Heavenly Father is on their side, and they tie everything back to Him. They never compare, never envy. I like the way President Uchtdorf said it best. He said Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less about yourself, as we go and serve our fellow man.
Anyways, no real changes over here. Wow mom, you really are traveling a lot aren't you. Seems like you've been all around the US, away from home more than at it! How fun to not have any hittle buggers chaining you down to home eh? Oh well, at least your out and about doing things. we visited a member the other day, Brother Wu, and ate dinner at his house. His mom was sooo cute. A little short fat happy little grandma that couldn't understand a word we said but would just smile at us and tell us to eat more rice. We told Brother wu that he should baptize his mom. I think she wants to come to church, but I have no idea how to teach her. So we just told him to add some oil and see if he could baptize his mom.
I don't know what else to say today really. We've been running into a lot of prepared people. Last week our invitation to the zone was to pray for the people of zhanghua for their hearts to be softened and prepared to accept the gospel. It worked I think. I think it was a good idea and I'll keep doing it. I've realized more and more as a leader that prayer is the most powerful tool. We can't ma people, we can't manipulate, we just have to uplift, encourage, inspire and bless. Our opportunities to teach aren't very often, it's really up to the missionary whether or not they want to change and improve. And it seems like much of the time invitations and things don't make a very lasting impact, they're received well and then after a few days have made no difference. I felt a new appreciation for the apostles this general conference. I've got once a week to invite the zone to do something, they've only got twice a year to invite the whole body of the church! And half of them don't even listen! how frustrating that would be. So Elder Holland says he has to be blunt with the young men, because nothing else seems to work. How hard that would be to see people not making any improvement or listening to these messages from God.
well, all is well in Zion. I don't think there's anything else too exciting to talk about over here. Except for that I got to play my violin last night in 3 lessons to less actives to bring them back to church. yaaaay.
And my last companions mom sent this wonderful gift in the mail. It's a little spray can of room air refreshener, that is scented like fall pumpkin cinnamon spice. Oh it smells so good, just like apple cider and pumpkins and thanksgiving. Then Elder Wheeler left, and I sprayed it liberally in the room. When Elder Zhuang got here he said, "what is that awful smell? I've never smelt anything like it before, oh, how terrible!" Hahaha, I guess taiwanese people just have a different Idea of what smells good and bad. I didn't mention anything stinky tofu. Because actually I really like eating stinky tofu. I admit, the stuff really stinks. But I like the taste.
Have fun in Messiah! Gooooooodbye!!!!!!

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