Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

1. My new companion Elder Geddes. I learn so much from him every day. He's really a leader, and I'm really content just following him around and learning for now because he does a great job and is really diligent. The only companion I've had like him was Elder Farr. I've been really really blessed on my mission to have great companions. It's great to be with Elder Geddes, we get along really well, and I think we'll be seeing a lot of miracle in the zhanghua zone.
2. This is my recent convert Chen Hao Feng from back in my days in fengyuan. It was a tender mercy to be able to run into him on the day I moved up to zhanghua. He had come to the mission office to say goodbye to Elder Kossman, who I was with at the time, and we were able to all see each other again. Some of my converts from fengyuan aren't active, but this kid is really solid, and says he wants to serve a mission really bad. He may be going on a short term mission soon! My other solid convert from fengyuan, Wang yu li, actually is going on a mission soon! Last I heard he just pulled out his wisdom teeth, and is getting his papers in.
3. I miss my trainee Elder Harper, we got really close in Lingya. We were both really surprised when they closed that area. the bishop called president Bishop and told him that he wanted us to stay, and that we had done an excellent job in the ward. But I moved.
4. Elder Kossman went home. Elder Adams went home a couple transfers ago. I am almost beginning to feel like an old missionary. It's weird.
Being a zone leader is really really fun.
Zhanghua has been struggling with baptizing for a long time. We go by months now, and our goal for this month is TEN BAPTISMS!!! It's a really realistic, hittable goal that all the missionaries have faith in. Right now the place that's on fire is the place I just came from. The two zones in gaoxiong are baptizing about 16 or 17 per month, but hopefully we'll see this area get motivated.
It's really fun to be able to be in charge of a zone, put my own inspirations and ideas into practice. i'll let you know how things go. Right now I'm focusing on helping missionaries in the zone on two fundamentals from preach my gospel. First, teach people not lessons, and second, we invite, they commit, we follow up, specifically dealing with inviting people to be baptized, and confirming as many people for church as we possibly can.
If you have any ideas let me know!

Elder Vernon

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