Monday, August 1, 2011

Aug 1, 2011

I moved! I have now moved from my third area into my fourth. I was trained in Fengyuan, moved to Gaoxiong, moved to another part of Gaoxiong for another three transfers, and now I moved up to right under Taizhong, a nice little place named Zhang1hua4.
I'm really excited for a couple reasons.
the first,
President Bishop called and asked me to be a Zone Leader in Zhanghua,
and guess who my companion is? It is Elder Geddes from my same MTC group. He's the most amazing missionary ever!!!!!!!!!!!!11
love you!
sorry this email is so short.
It's because I had to take the train, and move and stuff, and now we didn't have much time to e-mail.
I love my new companion, his family lives in Washington,
I love you!!!!!

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