Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

I don't really know what to say today.
Not much is happening right now on my mission except that I'm going through a lot of changes.
Elder Wheeler is really amazing. He's from Idaho Falls, he's 22 years old, and a convert to the church! He joined the church when he was 18, and turned his life around. None of his family has been baptized yet, but I bet they will as soon as he gets home. He's a really diligent, amazing missionary, or else he probably wouldn't be a zone leader, and he's teaching me a lot. Because our backgrounds are pretty much polar opposites, and our personalities are really different as well, there's a lot of things I can learn. The way he does missionary work is really down to earth, and cares about each person, because he knows how they feel as a convert, and knows how to treat part member families. These are things I just don't have. He's also a little bit like Scott, pretty outspoken, and not one to hold things in if there's something wrong. I think if I had this companionship earlier in my mission there might have been a lot of problems, but now that I'm more humble than I've ever been before, and he is really humble as well, we just learn from each other's differences and strengths. It's really great.
I learned that Elder Wheeler originally wasn't even planning on going on a mission, He was already 21, owned his own company, had a huge nice truck, and a fiancee, and then felt like he needed to serve a mission. I'm so glad he did, He's blessing the lives of many many children of Heavenly Father over here in Taiwan.
Things are going well. I'm excited for the last stretch of my mission, I can push hard, and try to hit all my goals before I have to come home.
Good luck,  Elder Vernon

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