Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

William Preston Vernon

I don't have much to report this week. sorry.
But I can tell a couple stories if you want me too.
we went to visit a part member family that has three cute little kids, they were really rowdy and I just loved it. Their dad was there but he had no interest in the gospel. I relate to people like that so much moer now that I have Rod got baptized. I have a lot more faith for all of those husbands that aren't baptized yet. I didn't know how to control the kids, so we just started singing a song. We sang I am a child of God, the kids just sat and listened. Then when we were done, they asked us to sing it again, and again. It was a really fun experience.
The other day we contacted a guy on the street, that turned out that was our member. He said he got baptized about four years ago. The other thing was that he was really crazy. I think. He talked about a lot of conspiracies and stuff that I don't think was true. And we just listened. He wasn't willing to come back to church, but he was really grateful that we listened to him. I got the feeling that nobody had actually listened to him in a long long time.
I went on exchanges with one of our district leaders, and we visited an old man that had the melchizedek priesthood, and was really active. He never quite could bring himself to pay a full tithing though. He ran into a lot of hard times, and then he prayed and prayed for god to help him come out of his financial circumstances, and there was no answer, so he stopped believing in God, and now he claims that he is atheist. We bore a lot of strong pure testimony but we couldn't change him at all. It was sad.
So keep the commandments!
i love you all!
Elder Vernon

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